Oh what a beautiful morning…!

Boscastle Harbour Sun www.anitalangham.co.uk

Boscastle Harbour – Early morning photo

Such a lovely day here today. So wonderful to have late autumn sun. I’m just heading out for a walk to lap up the sunshine while it’s here. Wonder if it’s warm enough outside to do a little sketching?

My ‘Beautiful Bude’ exhibition at The Castle, Bude, is going well – lots of visitors and lovely feedback. Oh, and some sales, too, which is always nice! It finishes next Tuesday, so if you want to catch it, make sure you pop in before then. Here are some of my favourites from the show:

Bude Exhbibition paintings Bude Sunset Sea Pool Crackington painting




‘Boat in Harbour, Bude’ Painting

Blue Boat in Harbour sand painting

Another painting featured in my ‘Beautiful Bude’ exhibition. This was finished the day before the opening! (thank you, Nick, for doing the framing so swiftly). Based on a sketch done a little while ago of a boat on the sand tied to two posts, with the dark blocks in the background, and the wonderful stone shapes and textures. Just the quickest sketch can contain the seed for a painting, often lying dormant til the time is right.

It’s turned cold here. Winter is a-coming. Hope you’re cosy warm where you are.

Bude Sea Pool to Lundy Painting

Bude Beach Seapool Lundy Island Painting

Bude Sea Pool to Lundy Painting

Mixed Media on Canvas

Here’s the latest painting finished this week – the wondrous view along the golden beach from Bude to Lundy Island. I love the sense of distance: it reminds me so much of standing on the cliffs on a lovely warm summer’s morning, and drawing the sea and the sand and the landscape.

Only FIVE  more days to go until I put up my Beautiful Bude exhibition. It’s busy, busy, busy here! Several drawings to do and one more painting to finish. Not to mention all the other prepping. The final countdown. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your weekend.

What’s in a name?

I recently read a piece about naming paintings. I’ve always called mine by the name they took in my head when I was making them, hence they tend to be quite literal and descriptive. But I do like the thought of a title that reflects more the feeling or motivation behind the painting.

So thinking about my most recent painting below, names that come to mind at the moment are  ‘Tangled’, ‘Tang of the Sea’ or ‘Harbour Wall’. I wonder which one you like best?

Harbour Wall Chains painting Ropes Shadows

Bude Sea Pool

Bude Sea Pool painting beach Cornwall coast

Bude Sea Pool Painting – detail of Work In Progress

The Bude painting I’m working on at the moment is the view across the beach to the Bude Sea Pool, and beyond to Lundy Island. A beautiful vista. I want to capture the light and brightness of an early summer day, with the promise of heat to come. Sand, sea, sun and peace. Maybe you’ll be able to hear the seagulls.

Here’s a little detail – it’s a work in progress, so can’t show the whole painting just yet. Soon, though, soon…

We’re having fabulous weather here. Hope you are too, and that you’re enjoying your weekend.