From sea to land

This weekend I swapped this

for this

Happy days.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Back in Cornwall soon.

Ps. Composing this post on my phone, for the first time, so apologies if there are some glitches.


Drawing on the Bude Canal

Bude Canal drawing boat on waterBude Canal Boat and Workshops Drawing

Was in Bude the other day doing some sketching with my pens. Loved the image of the simple boat bobbing on the water against the backdrop of the craft workshops there. Wanted to give just a little hit of colour: the lime green tarpaulin provided that against the deep blue black shadows.

The sketch was done against the odds: I was sitting on a canalside bench, drawing away, purposely avoiding the busier side of the canal. And then along came two Council workmen in their van, stood behind me and muttered among themselves, and then proceeded to saw off the metal post right beside me … and then another the other side of me (no, I’m not joking: you couldn’t make it up). They did have the decency to look sheepish and vaguely apologise, but still….

The Return of the Artist

Hi. I’m back!

My Blog Meister tells me it’s three months since my last post. I guess that’s about right.  Sorry to have been gone so long, dear Reader. Two house moves. Two! I feel as if everything’s been thrown in the air and landed just any which way. Deeply unsettling to my psyche and to my creative self. So lots of sorting and shuffling and dumping (yes, I know you’re supposed to do that before you move, but you know how it is …). And slowly recovering from two foot injuries which have meant that I haven’t been able to get about for quite a few months. Oh woe is me.

Or not.

I’m back to painting and drawing. I have views to die for. I have people around to help me. Art Books are unpacked and paintings are on walls.  So I’m getting there.

Here’s Tintagel Castle, a stone’s throw from the new place. Sketches to follow soon.

Hope you have a good weekend. And thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate it.




Sunflower Flower ink Drawing

In sombre mood today.

The passing of someone dear.

Just to let you know I’ll be moving house over the next few weeks, and without internet, so blogging may be intermittent. Please bear with me. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Once a week on a Friday. Or thereabouts. I’m an artist – what can I say?

Thanks for your interest and support – I really appreciate it.

Hope you have a good weekend. I’ll be out doing some walking.

Boscastle Beeny Cliffs Watercolour Sketch

Beeny Cliffs, Boscastle – Colour Sketch

On the Move …

Sketchbooks Cornwall Drawing

I’m on the move to a new home and busy packing up. Came across some of my old sketchbooks: it was so good looking through them, and it passed a happy hour when I should have been packing! I’ve filled hundreds of sketchbooks over the years, but I don’t keep them all: space issues and fairly frequent moves make that impractical. So I keep the special ones – those packed full of goodness, or those which bring back a special time, perhaps a holiday or a turning point.

And curiously, I came across the sketch below, from 2005, which is to be the view from my new house. I can’t wait!

Drawing St Materiana Church Tintagel Cornwall

St Materiana Church, Tintagel – Sketchbook Drawing

Painting the blue, blue sea

Boscastle Cornwall Cliffs Sea coast blue painting

South of Boscastle

Mixed Media Painting by Anita Langham

Today was this sort of day – an icecream and sunshine and lazing kind of day.

Hope you have a lovely, lovely weekend.And if you’re lucky enough to be in Cornwall, pop into the Wellington Hotel Boscastle for a cold Korev or Rattler, and take a look at my paintings (including the one above) upstairs in the Minstrels Gallery.