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A is for... Letter A fishes Medieval letters blue illustration

I was doing some Serious Art today, but nothing that is ready to share.  So I thought I’d give you this little drawing of mine. Just for fun. A is for Art. A is for Anita.

Because sometimes it’s nice to lighten up.

 I’m taking a break from blogging for a short while. I’m going to work on some painting series I have been planning. I hope you all stay well and that you’ll join me again when I resume. Thank you so much, and take care.



Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom Tree pink & blue sketch

Cherry Blossom Tree

Gouache sketch on paper

The cherry blossom trees have been lovely here, so I was moved to try to paint one before the blossom fell. The three images above show the same sketch, with different backgrounds. I liked the buff background I initially chose, but wanted to experiment by introducing the sky blue colour which is used in Japanese art. However it seemed a little too bright, and overwhelmed the tree (centre image), so I wiped it back to leave a paler blue. I’m still not sure which I prefer – I guess with the middle one I could have heightened the pink of the tree, to balance the blue, but I was really happy with the tree, and didn’t want to fiddle with it. And you can see in the first picture how I’ve tentatively started applying the blue in the top left, so maybe I could have painted a little around the tree and seen how it looked. The tree was left untouched throughout – it’s interesting to see how different it looks in each image. I guess the constant decision-making in painting is what makes it so interesting but also so challenging.

Hope you’ve had a good week – in lock-down or out of it. Best wishes.

Figure by Moonlight

Print on Paper Figure by Moonlight Ancient Egypt heiroglyphics

Screenprint based on Egyptian heiroglyph

One-off original print on paper 21x30cm/8.25″x12″

Hi. I’m developing some new art work based on landscape at the moment  (oh, it feels so good to be able to say that!). So here’s a screen print I’ve always liked from a while ago based on ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics. Always been an interest of mine, and their art too. I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Egyptian room at the British Museum London and the Tutankhamun exhibition. Amazing.

Thanks for visiting and I hope your weekend’s good.


A Few of My Favourite Things…

Cat drawings by Anita Langham

Cats – Drawings by Anita Langham

It’s been a time for clutter-clearing this past week, and as I was sorting through some old sketches, I came across these drawings of cats past and present. Cats tend to hang around when you’re making art – dozing on the painting table, dribbling on the paper, nibbling the paintbrushes – and so they often become artist’s models.

There was Jasper, a large ginger cat, solid and immovable, but so loving. And Tyb, the Prince of Cats, a family pet – a gentle giant who takes furriness to a new level.  And my current cat who is a fluffy delight – so much so that she is a real challenge to draw. All that long fur makes it hard to discern and convey the structure underneath (plus she’s always asleep!)

It seems I’m following a long tradition in art here – the French painter Henri Matisse (1869-1954) had two cats called Minouche and Coussi as well as a black cat named La Puce (the Flea). He painted into old age, and although he never depicted his cats, there’s a photo of him drawing from his bed with his cats by his side here

Photo of Canadian artist & writer Emily Carr with her dogs

Pioneering Canadian artist Emily Carr (Link)

Emily Carr (1871-1945), a pioneering Canadian artist and writer, had a whole host of animals, including parrots, white rats, and cats, as well as three dogs which were the subject of her autobiographical book  Emily Carr and Her Dogs

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) also had a whole menagerie, including macaws, monkeys and a fawn. She was also fond of Mexican hairless dogs (Xoloitzcuintli), whose heritage dates back to the Aztecs. Did you know – over a third of her 143 paintings are self-portraits with her animals? Now there’s an idea for a series.

Frida Kahlo Self-portrait with Monkey & Cat

‘Self-Portrait with Two Monkeys’ – Frida Kahlo

(this was the title online, but surely one of them is a cat??)

And Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986) fell in love with chows, sketching, photographing and writing about them. Which surprised me, as I didn’t have her down as the fluffy type.

How about you – dog, cat or something more outlandish? And do you ever draw them, or write about them?

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Happy New Year!

Barn Owl Painting Mixed Media
Barn Owl – Original Painting by Anita Langham
Just wanted to swoop by and wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
It’s hard to be positive here, in this country, on this island, on this planet.
But I’m an optimist, and I like to think that people turn towards the light and what is right (though it may take a while!), so I hope for better things to come, for all of us.
Have a Good One

A Blog Post!

Rock and Leaf Collage

Rock and Leaf Collage

A blog post has been a rare thing here of late. Meanwhile autumn/fall has arrived. This collage seems to give it expression  – the damp greeny-greyness all around. Lovely time of year though. I made this as a base for drawing or painting on, but I quite like it as it is.

I hope intend to post here more regularly from now on. I’m also toying with the idea of moving us all to a new blog, but undecided. Will keep you posted about that.

Thanks for visiting.