Tintagel Cliffs Painting

South Of Tintagel (Gull Rock).jpg

Gull Rock from Tintagel Painting

I was out on the Tintagel cliffs today in North Cornwall, and with the fearsome winds and the mizzle, mist and rain, it looked exactly like this. Except that there seemed to be some excitement going on with this pair …

Sheep on Cornish Cliffs.jpg

Shame I didn’t have time to draw them. Maybe next time.


Yellow Daffodils in a Glass Painting

Yellow daffodils blue flower painting

Yellow Daffodils in Glass Jar Painting in Progress

Started this daffodil painting this week. I’ve been focussing on painting and drawing reflections in glass lately, so I’m pleased with the effects here. Hoping to finish it this week before the flowers die! That’s another reason to paint seasonal living things – their short life forces you to act quickly and get the painting finished. Well, that’s the theory!

I tend to paint spring flowers only in spring, because I usually do them from life. So they’ve become a series of sorts, albeit an annual one. Here are some others, and here

Thanks as always for stopping by, and have a good weekend.

Bude Beach Winter Painting

blue beach painting bude winter sunset sea

Bude Beach Winter Painting – In Progress (Acrylic, 60x20cm)

I was talking here about painting a series of pictures this year, every week, of the same subject, and seeing how the light and season changes the scene. And I’ve hit upon my subject! It’s always hard to choose just one because so many ideas come to me. But I’ve chosen Bude beach – I love the wonderful sense of sky and space in this view, which to me just encapsulates what I love about Bude.

And the series will tie in with my solo exhbition there in October. I hope to be able to show these quicker studies alongside the larger paintings.

I was thinking of working further on this one, but I kind of like it as it is. Wonder what you think? More work, or move on to the next one?

School Art

heads Budehaven school students paintings


I happened upon an exhibition of schoolchildren’s art in the local public art gallery this week, and it was very inspiring. I like looking at students’ art – encouraged by their tutors, they often push the boundaries in terms of techniques and subject matter. The results are often stunning and can give even experienced artists food for thought .

These pictures were some of my favourites. If you’re near Bude, pop into the Willoughby gallery in The Castle, and see for yourself. Its great for the students to have the chance to exhibit in such a wonderful space – well done to them and to the staff at Budehaven School.

And the lucky winner is…..

The lucky winner of my giveaway Celebrating Five Years Blogging – and a Giveaway! is –


Congratulations, Robert! The print of Boscastle Lookout in the Sunset will shortly be winging its way to you.

And thank you all for taking part, and for the lovely comments.

It was a very fun thing to do, so look out for the next one.

Back to the painting now…



Boscastle Tower – A Series?

Boscastle Cornwall Lookout Tower Langdscape Drawings paintings

Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a theme

I’ve been thinking about painting in series this week, and making a little list of series that I’d like to do. Then, taking the photos for the post here, I was reminded of an idea I’ve had for a while, of making a year long series – drawing and painting a scene or motif throughout the year. Because when I head out to draw, I sometimes think I should draw something different, rather than the same old (even though it is beautiful). But when I get the drawings home, and see them all together like this, I realise they aren’t the same. The colours are different, and the weather,  and the sky, and I’m different when I make them. And that makes the whole thing very interesting and worthwhile. So maybe I’ll do that this year – paint the little Tower, or something else, every week. And see the changes. Take time for that.

Many artists have also worked in series – here are some of my favourites:

Van Gogh – Sunflowers

Monet – Rouen Cathedral 

Monet – Haystacks

and coincidentally there’s a new  Monet exhibition this year at the National Gallery

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Celebrating Five Years Blogging – and a Giveaway!

Boscastle Tower Sunset Signed Landscape Print from Original Painting

Signed Limited Edition Print of ‘Boscastle Tower, Sunset’
which I’m giving away as a Thank You gift – see below!

I’ve just received Congratulations from the WordPress people on my Five Year Anniversary of Blogging. Wow! I hadn’t realised it was that long. And I just checked on my stats – 150 posts. Not bad. But – almost 80 finished paintings!! How awesome is that! I’m sure  that without the blog, and the encouragement and support I found here, I wouldn’t have achieved that many, or perhaps any at all. And maybe I wouldn’t even still be painting. So thank you all – old-timers and newbies and everyone in between. I so appreciate your visiting here and taking the time to look at my work. And thank you for all the comments and likes, too. And now I have something for you.

As a BIG THANK YOU, I’d like to give away a signed limited edition print of the painting above to one of my lovely followers. It’s one of my favourites, so I hope you like it too.

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Thank you once again – and here’s a toast. Cheers!