Sheep Drawing

Sheep Animal Drawing Charcoal Grey-facedDartmoor

Sheep 1

Charcoal on Watercolour Paper     30 x 39 cm

I’ve always liked sheep, and as some very lovely ones are currently to be found in a field nearby, I thought I would do a drawing of one. This is a Grey-faced Dartmoor ( I believe) – I love all the different breeds you can find now. Their coats are long and cream-coloured – beautiful – so I do hope they’re being kept for their wool – and not for the table.


4 thoughts on “Sheep Drawing

  1. Sheep are strange creatures: a Scots shepherd I knew once said to me that from the moment they are born they seem to be doing their best to commit suicide or die by any means available! This one though, looks like there’s some grey matter at work behind the eyes! Perhaps its the exception etc. Brilliant drawing Anita. You just keep getting better mate. x


    • Speaking as a veggie, I think they’re probably trying to escape! Thanks for the praise, Mike – I’m trying to portray them as animals rather than cutesy creatures. Glad you like.


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