Cat on a grey day Drawing

Image cat sleep curled drawing charcoal animal

Cat Sleeping

Charcoal on watercolour paper  38 x 28 cm

A study for a painting I’m working on. Today was wall to wall grey here – light, low cloud that’s the worst, if you’re an artist. Everything flat and grey. I’d almost rather have storms. The cat had the right idea. Sleep it out.

This one’s In charcoal on paper. I do love charcoal. In spite of the frustrations of smudging. It’s so elemental – burnt wood on pressed wood. But so versatile. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

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8 thoughts on “Cat on a grey day Drawing

  1. This is lovely, it reminds me of my cat when I was a child – it used to curl up on a sunny window ledge for a cat nap.


    • Hi. You can spray it with fixative half-way through, but I like to leave it open so I can work back into it with an eraser, so I only spray it at the end. If you do spray it, you can use chalk or white pastel for the whites, instead of the white of the paper. Hope this helps.


      • that’s cool thank you, i really want to start working with charcoal but don’t really have the knowledge, so its all trial and error, but that tip will help thank you.


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