Two Boats in Harbour, Boscastle Painting



Two Boats in Harbour   Acrylic & Mixed Media 29 x 31 cm

Well, ‘ere ’tis. After much struggling. I am well and truly out of the habit of painting. But I will get in the harness again. The trouble with life is that you can set a routine for yourself, but life is not routine. So though on your timetable it says that on a Monday afternoon at 2.00 you will be painting, there may well be other things needing your attention. You may have to take your wares to market, in order to have food in your cupboard. Or your patron may require your presence at tea. Or your crops may need tending. Or, like a peasant in a Samuel Palmer painting, you may feel like you’ve earned a well-deserved rest, and take a snooze in the sunshine. Whatever. The paradox is – that the more you paint, the more you want to paint. And the reverse is true. So the best way to enjoy painting, is to paint (substitute draw, play guitar, write, etc)

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    • Yes, true. But I always think of that quote from Picasso – ‘art is one tenth inspiration, nine tenths perspiration’. I’d add in two tenths preparation, too – still trying to get out and do some open air painting. Thanks for the encouragement.


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