Cornish Poppies Painting

Still Standing (Poppies)

Poppies (Still Standing)

Acrylic & Mixed Media  30 x 30 cm

 These poppies  grow in a garden nearby,  without fences or walls, for all to enjoy. Every year when I see them in bloom, I vow to draw them and paint them.  Almost left it too late again this year – the wind had blown the petals off, and when I got there only one flower was left intact. This flower. Hence the title.

I’m pleased with this painting (although I’m not at all sure it’s okay to say that – publicly).  It was an experiment in trying to apply the techniques I use in my landscape paintings to a painting of flowers (collage, palette knife, using other media). I wanted to convey the sense of them growing amongst lots of other plants, on a hot summer day, the bees buzzing. So vivid and intense. Think it worked 🙂

Thanks of course to Marian for the garden.

And a peaceful, lazy sort of weekend to you all.