Poppies by Moonlight Painting

IMG_0885-001Poppies by Moonlight

Acrylic   28 x 34cm

 The second in my Poppies series. This was an experiment of sorts – not sure if it’s quite ‘there’, but time will tell. I’ll put it away for a while and look at it with fresh eyes. I’ve been doing that with the paintings from last year – when I looked at them again, it seemed that some of them needed a little more work. But that’s part of the process …. I’ll post them here as and when I complete them.

No painting last week, as I was on Retreat. This week I’ve been busy with an exciting new project, which is the artist-led gallery opening shortly in Boscastle – The Boscastle Artists’ Co-operative. It will have the finest art and craft from this area only (including mine!),  so very local and very authentic. Opening on 1 August, and I’ll be helping staff the gallery. You’ll be able to view and buy my original paintings there, as well as prints and cards. So if you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello.

Thanks for looking, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.




2 thoughts on “Poppies by Moonlight Painting

  1. Great news about the gallery!

    And the same thing happens with writing: If I stay away from it for a while, I have a better chance of seeing what I’ve done. Odd thing, isn’t it?


    • Yes. I think there’s a brain explanation for it (different bits responsible for different functions), but I can’t remember exactly!


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