Autumn Leaves Drawing


Autumn Leaves

Study, Watercolour on Paper

This study was inspired by Jude Hill’s post here  I hadn’t quite realised how ephemeral the leaves are – already the day after I’d collected them, they’d changed shape, curled into themselves, the colours had faded. So it was good to do a painting, just to capture their beauty and freshly fallen glory. I don’t often use watercolour, except for quick colour studies outside, and it was interesting to use it for a more detailled study.



5 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves Drawing

  1. i scrolled down to see the “painting”…thinking the first image was of the leaves set to
    paint FROM…but WOW…they are the painting ItSelf!!! How Beauty Full this is!!!!!!!


  2. Anita, if you keep on improving at this rate then you’ll be off the chart by Christmas. I really like these simple and beautiful images. Thanks for sharing this. Don’t stop, ever.


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