Crackington ll Painting

Crackington Haven painting Crackington Haven ll

40 x 60 cm  Mixed Media

Finished today. Or at least finished for the time being. Not sure if it’s finished for all time. We’ll see. In the end, because I really couldn’t see what to do with it or how to progress it, I gave myself two hours to complete it. And here it is.
I included two people and their dog, because it gives a good idea of the scale of the cliffs. But they’re probably difficult to make out on the image above (they’re just above the copyright sign), so I’ll give you a close up below. It gives you some idea of the colours too. What attracts me about Crackington Haven is the colours, the textures, and the fabulous rock formations. Hope the painting gives you some idea of those.
Thanks for looking.

Crackington ll detailCrackington II – detail