Owl Painting- Finished

Owl bird painting


Mixed Media  21 x 29.5 cm

Just finished this. It was inspired by a visit to the wonderful Screech Owl Sanctuary http://screechowlsanctuary.co.uk/ where I learnt so much about them. I didn’t know that their feathers aren’t waterproof – they’ve sacrificed that for silent flight. So if it rains too much (like now!!!)  they can’t fly to hunt, and so can starve.

Haven’t had much time for painting lately. August is a busy month in my day job, and I’ve also been organising the printing of a 2016 calendar of my recent paintings. I’ve a joint exhibition here at the beginning of October, so I think September’s going to go by quickly, too. But I hope you’ll stay with me, if I don’t get around to posting so often –
I’m still here!