Daffodils Drawing



Pen & watercolour on Paper 17x17cm/7x7ins

Hi. Did I mention I love daffodils? I use the term in loose way, to denote any jonquil, narcissus or daffodil, any of those lovely yellow (or white or orange) spring flowers. It’s been such a long season for daffodils this year in the UK, because it was such a mild winter. The first ones were in bloom in December, and they’re still going. Lovely. Anyway, I did this drawing today, and wanted to make it a paler, more sensitive version this time (and thank you so much for the great feedback on the last daffodil painting – it has emboldened and enheartened me!). So it has some subtle watercolour washes over – and I think they bring out the lovely papery whiteness of the petals, and the gorgeous yolk-coloured centres. I think the flower might be some type of orchid narcissus – but as it was foraged from hereabouts (ahem!), I’m not quite sure.