30 in 30 Challenge – Brown Eggs Painting

Brown Eggs Painting; Still Life Painting; 30 in 30 Challenge

Brown Eggs

Acrylic  (8.5 x 7.5 ins / 22 x 19 cm)

This painting has taken a long time – several days. I love drawing eggs in egg boxes – fascinating shapes and textures. But I’ve never painted them before. And it’s so difficult! I got very frustrated at not being able to make the eggs look ‘right’, then realised half-way through  that they’re organic eggs, and therefore all different sizes, not to mention shapes and colours. So a small egg in the front will look smaller than a large egg at the back, which makes perspective really tricky. And getting them to look perfectly rounded and smooth, especially when you’re working to a deadline … !  Anyway, this is the finished painting. Phew! On to something easier now.


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