Welcome to my Blog.

I’m so glad you popped by so I can show you my paintings.

Living on the North Cornwall coast, I’m surrounded by inspiration. Cornwall is so overflowing with awe-inspiring views, that it offers a rich seam for a painter, and it’s a landscape I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a child.

I called my blog ‘One Painting A Week’ because I started it in 2013 to share a challenge I was doing  – to complete a series of landscape paintings, one a week, and post them here. I found the experience of sharing my work so encouraging and interesting that I’ve continued my weekly blogging.

Here is where I like to talk about what inspires me, how I work, and to share with you the paintings when I’ve finished them.

Most of the work here is for sale, so if you see any work you’d like to add to your collection, head over to my online gallery, where you can purchase original paintings and also prints of selected works.

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Anita Langham