Cockerel Painting

Cockerel farmyard animal bird painting

Cockerel Painting

Acrylic on paper 8×12 ins / 21×30 cm

Cockadoodle-do!! Still busy working on the landscape paintings, so thought I would give you a little cockerel painting today. Wanted to splash out with some colour on those beautiful lustrous feathers.  A little reminder to those of us living in Britain that the clocks go forward tonight. Longer evenings to come. Yes!


Medieval ManFish

Medieval Creature Man Fish Carving Drawing

Illustration of a Medieval Chest Carving

Yes, I bet that post title got your attention! Haven’t managed to do much painting this week, so I give you this little drawing of a detail from a medieval chest I once saw. The frieze on the chest was about four inches high (nine cm), but had the most remarkable detail. It  was in a stately home in the West Country, but I didn’t note down where, so alas, I’ve no idea where you’ll find it.

I love medieval carvings and art. If you like them too, there’s a very good book you may care to look at – The Medieval Menagerie by Janetta Rebold Benton – and you can also find some at Into the Hermitage from the hugely talented and amazing Rima Staines
And if anyone finds the name of this creature, which is surely not ‘ManFish’!, then I’d be pleased to know it.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Cat Drawing Time

Some drawings of cats. The cat in the top drawing is delightful, but definitely not lightweight! The one in the other drawing is mine – altogether more dainty and ladylike. I love it when a few lines seem to capture their essence – only happens occasionally. Trying to get the daily drawing habit again – Danny Gregory’s books and blog is inspirational for that – check out

Cat DrawingsCat Drawings

Cat at window-001Cat at Window

Owl Painting- Finished

Owl bird painting


Mixed Media  21 x 29.5 cm

Just finished this. It was inspired by a visit to the wonderful Screech Owl Sanctuary where I learnt so much about them. I didn’t know that their feathers aren’t waterproof – they’ve sacrificed that for silent flight. So if it rains too much (like now!!!)  they can’t fly to hunt, and so can starve.

Haven’t had much time for painting lately. August is a busy month in my day job, and I’ve also been organising the printing of a 2016 calendar of my recent paintings. I’ve a joint exhibition here at the beginning of October, so I think September’s going to go by quickly, too. But I hope you’ll stay with me, if I don’t get around to posting so often –
I’m still here!

Cat on a grey day Drawing

Image cat sleep curled drawing charcoal animal

Cat Sleeping

Charcoal on watercolour paper  38 x 28 cm

A study for a painting I’m working on. Today was wall to wall grey here – light, low cloud that’s the worst, if you’re an artist. Everything flat and grey. I’d almost rather have storms. The cat had the right idea. Sleep it out.

This one’s In charcoal on paper. I do love charcoal. In spite of the frustrations of smudging. It’s so elemental – burnt wood on pressed wood. But so versatile. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

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