Boscastle Coast Sketch

Drawing Boscastle Cornwall Coast Sea

Boscastle Coast Plein Aire Sketch

Love the colours on this one. And it takes me back to sitting on the cliffs, being buffeted by the breeze, and enjoying the wonderful views and coastline here. I can almost hear the seagulls…



Painting the blue, blue sea

Boscastle Cornwall Cliffs Sea coast blue painting

South of Boscastle

Mixed Media Painting by Anita Langham

Today was this sort of day – an icecream and sunshine and lazing kind of day.

Hope you have a lovely, lovely weekend.And if you’re lucky enough to be in Cornwall, pop into the Wellington Hotel Boscastle for a cold Korev or Rattler, and take a look at my paintings (including the one above) upstairs in the Minstrels Gallery.





Cornish Sunset


Beautiful day here, and beautiful sunset. Tinged with a certain sadness that next week it’ll be dark by 5 o’clock (and panic also – too few hours to paint in!). Maybe I’ll try to rise earlier, to have more useful daylight hours. The spirit’s willing, ahhh, but the flesh is not, I fear.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Exhibition Paintings

Cornish landscape paintings Wellington Hotel Boscastle exhibition

Didn’t have time to post these before putting up my exhibition, and I’ve been very busy ever since. So – now – here are some of my paintings in their beautiful new frames, now hanging in splendour in the lovely Wellington Hotel in Boscastle.

I’ve previously had only white frames, but am moving towards having different colours. I think the frames above work well, though the fact that there are different frames does make hanging an exhibition a little more difficult, in that there’s one more thing to consider.  But I guess it’s not so different from a group show, where there tends to be a mix of frames and treatments. I wonder if it matters to the person buying the painting?

Foxgloves on the Cliffs Painting

Foxgloves on the Cliffs (Work In Progress) Flower Painting

Foxgloves on the Cliffs Painting (Detail of work in progress)

The inspiration for this painting was an early evening last autumn , as the sun began to go down. That wonderful light you get on the coast. I really wanted to make those lovely deep pinky purple colours of the Foxgloves sing out against the rich deep blue-green of the sea. But I was finding it difficult to achieve the vibrancy I wanted with the acrylic paints. And then – I reached for the soft pastels – and the colours began to zing and pop. It’s finally getting to look like the image I have in my head. Which is always a good thing.

Hope you have a zingy kind of weekend.