Sleeping Cat Drawing

Sleeping cat drawing on paper

It’s cold here again, so a time for cosying up this weekend. Cats have the right idea. A quick drawing, but it captured the essence.  Always good to seize the moment. This  sleeping cat is another one I did a little while ago.

And a date for your diary, for when the weather’s (hopefully) warmer. I’m a member of the Art of Gwynngala group and we’re having a showing of paintings, sculpture and ceramics  at the Cowslip Workshop near Launceston in North Cornwall  over Easter, 19 – 28 April, 10-4 daily. There’s a lovely cafe there, next to the exhibition space, and a textile studio/shop. So if you’re in the area, please come over for coffee or lunch and have a browse. There’s a Meet the Makers event on Saturday 20 April 12 – 2 pm, too.  Hope to see you there.

Art of Gwynngala 2019 Cowslip Exhibition

Trebarwith and Beyond Sketch

Trebarwith & Gull Rock sea sketch

Trebarwith and Beyond – Colour Sketch (11×8 ins/ 28×20 cm)

Sorry for the break – it’s been a time of sporadic posting lately. I’ve been doing some translating, which I love! I’ve translated a chapter of a new German book into English, no less! So the painting has taken a back seat. But I’m back now. I’m exhibiting in a group show with Art of Gwynngala in mid-April and hoping to have an Open Studio event in May, so will need to have some paintings ready for then.

I came across this sketch while doing some clutter clearing yesterday. It was done en plein aire, one summer’s day, from above Trebarwith beach in Cornwall.  I’ve come across some lovely little sketches in the archives. So I’ll post them here over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy them.

And belated happy Women’s Day for yesterday.

Three In A Row


Bude cottages Pen and ink drawing

Three in a Row – Bude

Pen & Ink Drawing 23×18 cm (9×7″)

Here’s one of my favourite drawings of Bude, showing the lovely houses there. I love the little backstreets and steps and the character and variety in the  buildings. It makes it a very interesting place. The drawing was done in pen, with brush pens used for the colour. I’d like to try some with dip pen and ink next, and watercolour for the hits of colour.  I’ll be popping this one into my online gallery tomorrow. Take a look if you’re interested.

The drawing appeared in my recent exhibition at The Castle, Bude, and as part of that, I was interviewed about my art and inspiration by Carolyn Seager, who is the new Galleries and Events Co-ordinator there. I very much enjoyed talking with her, and the questions she asked prompted much thought.

You can read the interview at Q&A with Anita Langham

And my thanks to Carolyn.

Hope you’re having a very good weekend. It’s still autumn here – wonderful.

On the Move …

Sketchbooks Cornwall Drawing

I’m on the move to a new home and busy packing up. Came across some of my old sketchbooks: it was so good looking through them, and it passed a happy hour when I should have been packing! I’ve filled hundreds of sketchbooks over the years, but I don’t keep them all: space issues and fairly frequent moves make that impractical. So I keep the special ones – those packed full of goodness, or those which bring back a special time, perhaps a holiday or a turning point.

And curiously, I came across the sketch below, from 2005, which is to be the view from my new house. I can’t wait!

Drawing St Materiana Church Tintagel Cornwall

St Materiana Church, Tintagel – Sketchbook Drawing

Pencil Drawing – ‘Shore’

Shore rocks abstract pencil drawing

‘Shore’ – Pencil drawing on paper ( 16.6×18 ins / 42×46 cm )

Here’s one of my drawings from a while back. Still one of my favourites. It’s pretty abstracted, but it always reminds me of rocks and the flotsam on the shore, so I gave it a title.  Maybe I’ll get around to framing it sometime (the frame here is virtual, not real, alas.) It’s quite a large drawing, and I’d really like to do some more like that. I’ve just ordered some large size heavyweight paper, so maybe I will.

I’m taking part in an exhibition by my art group – Gwynngala – over the Easter weekend at Cowslips Studio, Launceston, North Cornwall . There’ll be paintings and quilts and textile art (including some new work of mine!). They have a wonderful cafe with excellent food, too. Worth a visit.


Happy springtime!

Drawing of Tintagel Old Post Office

Pen & Ink drawing Tintagel Old Post Office Old National Trust Building Cornwall

Tintagel Old Post Office – Pen & Ink Drawing in Progress

Have made good progress this week with many art-related things, including the series of drawings of the Old Post Office at Tintagel, continued from here.  It’s a lovely building, but very irregular, having evolved over the centuries. So it tends to look as if you’ve drawn it ‘wrong’ unless you straighten it up a bit!

Have a good weekend.

Tintagel Photo Old Post Office National Trust

Tintagel Old Post Office