Open Studio – done!

Mine Entrance Trebarwith Strand rocks painting

Mine Entrance, Hole Beach

Mixed Media Painting

What a lovely weekend I had, doing my Open Studios event. There’s a lot of work involved, but the three things I love most about Open Studios are:

  1. Friends and acquaintances get to see what you do all year, and what you’re really about.
  2. You get to meet such an interesting range of people, and talk to them about your art.
  3. You hear such wonderful comments about your work (hopefully) that it warms you and bolsters you for your next efforts.

And you hopefully get to make a few sales and sit in a nice place planning your next paintings or just soaking up the sun.

Thank you to all out there who made the experience such a pleasure. I’m so pleased that you stopped by.

No rest for the wicked, though, as I now need to plan for my First Solo Exhibition (ta-da!) in July.

The painting above is one I managed to finish for the Open Studio. So pleased with it how it turned out. I wanted to capture the way the morning light catches the rock face, while the rest is in deep shadow. And the almost abstract shapes… here’s a close-up of the texture for you to enjoy:

Mine Entrance Hole Beach Painting Texture Detail



Anita’s Arty Facts

I’m just launching Anita’s Arty Facts where you can hear about new work, forthcoming shows, and special offers.  It’ll be sent by email every two months & you’ll be able to unsubscribe at any time. Sign up by clicking the link here.

It’ll be good to have you along.

And because it’s raining today, here’s one of my favourite paintings …

Cornish Cottage Boscastle Mixed Media Painting

‘Cornish Cottage’

Mixed Media Painting

Cockerel Painting

Cockerel farmyard animal bird painting

Cockerel Painting

Acrylic on paper 8×12 ins / 21×30 cm

Cockadoodle-do!! Still busy working on the landscape paintings, so thought I would give you a little cockerel painting today. Wanted to splash out with some colour on those beautiful lustrous feathers.  A little reminder to those of us living in Britain that the clocks go forward tonight. Longer evenings to come. Yes!

Boscastle Harbour Painting

Boscastle Harbour seascape acrylic blue painting

Boscastle Harbour

Acrylic Painting

It’s been a slow week for painting – I went off for a mini-break to South Cornwall with my lovely man, and after that the week just vanished. So here’s one from the archive (as they say!) – still one of my favourites. The painting was done entirely with a palette knife – I’ll try that again, as I really like the texture and the freedom it gives. And a nice reminder of summer, which we need on a day like today, when it’s wind and gales here.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.

Illegitimi non carborundum

Anniversary Time!

Blog post Fri 15 Jan1Have just received Congratulations from WordPress because I started this blog three years ago. THREE YEARS!! I’m glad they keep track, because I don’t tend to notice or celebrate these things. It’s led to a little stock-taking…

It’s been a very positive experience, and has led to many wonderful things.
The impetus in starting the blog was to do more painting, and to show people my work, so I set myself a challenge to do one painting a week and – equally importantly – to blog about it  here! I’d never had a blog before , so had to learn all those skills, while working full-time and painting. And I completed the challenge – 45 paintings in the year. And went on to exhibit and sell my work then and every year since. As a result of that I was invited to join the prestigious National Society  (past members include Mark Gertler,  L S Lowry, David Bomberg, Henry Moore and Graham Sutherland ) and now take part in their annual exhibitions. My work is in many private collections.

So – I want to do two things. Celebrate (Cheers!!) – and also say a very big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who visits here. Some of you have been on board since the start, and I really appreciate your support. Thank you also to the newer visitors – hope you like what you see and come back again. Pictured above are some of my favourite paintings and drawings from the last three years – hope you like seeing them again.


Owl Painting- Finished

Owl bird painting


Mixed Media  21 x 29.5 cm

Just finished this. It was inspired by a visit to the wonderful Screech Owl Sanctuary where I learnt so much about them. I didn’t know that their feathers aren’t waterproof – they’ve sacrificed that for silent flight. So if it rains too much (like now!!!)  they can’t fly to hunt, and so can starve.

Haven’t had much time for painting lately. August is a busy month in my day job, and I’ve also been organising the printing of a 2016 calendar of my recent paintings. I’ve a joint exhibition here at the beginning of October, so I think September’s going to go by quickly, too. But I hope you’ll stay with me, if I don’t get around to posting so often –
I’m still here!