St Ives

St Ives photo boats harbour spring quay

Last week was my birthday week, so I took a short holiday to St Ives.  It’s a place that’s growing on me, and I really enjoyed my stay – lots of good food, good art, walking round the beaches and generally chilling. The art there is so good – I found it very inspiring and came back with lots of ideas to try.

One highlight was the Tate St Ives Virginia Woolf exhibition.  For me, it was worth going for the Laura Knight paintings alone: they are stunning. The paintings by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham were also fab – this one in particular. Alas, no photography was allowed, so I’ ve given the links, in case you want to take a look.  It was wonderful to see all the paintings up close: you just don’t get any real idea of their scale or impact from books. And the room full of self portraits by women artists was just amazing: I discovered some artists there whose work I wasn’t even aware of. The exhibition’s touring the UK. Highly recommended.

The other galleries in St Ives also have lots of wonderful work – I particularly liked these little pots by Geoffrey Swindell in the Porthminster Gallery.

Lidded Vessel by Geoffrey Swindell

Lidded Vessel by Geoffrey Swindell

And now –

back to work 🙂


Drawing of Tintagel Old Post Office

Pen & Ink drawing Tintagel Old Post Office Old National Trust Building Cornwall

Tintagel Old Post Office – Pen & Ink Drawing in Progress

Have made good progress this week with many art-related things, including the series of drawings of the Old Post Office at Tintagel, continued from here.  It’s a lovely building, but very irregular, having evolved over the centuries. So it tends to look as if you’ve drawn it ‘wrong’ unless you straighten it up a bit!

Have a good weekend.

Tintagel Photo Old Post Office National Trust

Tintagel Old Post Office


Bude Beach Winter Painting

Bude Beach Cornwall Winter blue landscape painting

Bude Beach Winter Painting – Acrylic on paper 23x8ins 58x20cm

Working on this one today – almost finished. Continued from here. I’m pleased with the painting: it captures the mood of those moments of stillness before the sun sets. Just a couple of tiny things to tweak tomorrow morning. Strange how these things are sometimes not  apparent until you look at the photo you’re posting. Ready to move on to the next one now, which will be – well, I think I’ll keep you guessing, and not spoil the surprise. But a bright one. I think you’ll like it.

Just to mention also a couple of new things. If you’re nearby, or visiting, there’s an ongoing Solo Exhibition of my Cornish paintings upstairs at the Wellington Hotel, Boscastle . And my lovely limited edition giclee prints are now available at the Picture Parlour, Boscastle . Or take a look at my online gallery at

Please share with anyone you think might be interested. Many thanks.

Thanks for visiting, and hope you’re having a good week.


Snowdrops drawing

Winter Snowdrops

Hi. Here’s a little drawing of snowdrops – an experiment in drawing with dilute bleach on Quink ink. I like the liveliness and directness of it, and it seems to match the bright whiteness of the snow today.

Daffodil Snow flower photo

Spring inside: Winter outside

Hope you’re not snowed in or snowed under. Take care out there.

Harbour Wall painting

Chains Rope Harbour Wall Painting Detail

Harbour Chains (detail) – Mixed Media

Back again after a short break. I was helping a friend to move house, so too too tired to be creative. But I’m back now, the sun’s shining, and I’m ready for a week of art. Watch this space!

This detail is from a recent painting I’ve been working on. I was drawn to the shadows, and the textures, and the wonderful colours in the bleached ropes and rusty chains. I think shadows might be quite a theme for me this spring (as long as the sunshine lasts!)

Yellow Daffodils in a Glass Painting

Yellow daffodils blue flower painting

Yellow Daffodils in Glass Jar Painting in Progress

Started this daffodil painting this week. I’ve been focussing on painting and drawing reflections in glass lately, so I’m pleased with the effects here. Hoping to finish it this week before the flowers die! That’s another reason to paint seasonal living things – their short life forces you to act quickly and get the painting finished. Well, that’s the theory!

I tend to paint spring flowers only in spring, because I usually do them from life. So they’ve become a series of sorts, albeit an annual one. Here are some others, and here

Thanks as always for stopping by, and have a good weekend.