Sketch of Boscastle in the Rain

Boscastle Cornish Coast Sketch

It looked pretty much like this today.  A little sketch showing the harbour mouth, with the fabulous slate rock. I love the colours when it rains – they have a depth and translucence to them. Hoping for some sunshine over the weekend, though.

Hope you have a good one.


Hot off the Easel – Boscastle Sunset Painting

Boscastle Sunset II on easel

Boscastle Sunset II

Acrylic 16.5 x 28.5 cm

Just finished today! Wanted to convey that time at dusk when nothing is distinct – the eye only makes out muted colour in the shadows, and vague shapes. And to show the wonderful colours of the sunset and the sea. Pleased with how it’s turned out.

No chance of nice sunsets here this weekend, though – rain, rain, and rain.
Hope yours is better.

Boscastle Sunset Painting

Sunset, Boscastle

Sunset, Boscastle

Acrylic  30  x  21 cm

Like many painters, I have more art books than I can read. So today I bought another one. I recently found some art notes, taken from a borrowed book, written many years ago, and fortunately I’d noted down the name and the author. A quick look online, and the book is mine! ‘Creative Landscape Painting’ by Edward Betts. It’s fabulous – even better than I remembered. Not a ‘how to’ book – an ideas book, to lead you, gently, out of your comfort zone.


Favourite quote from it for today:
‘Say what you have to say in the picture, then get out.
There is no need to chatter on after you have made your point.’
(Edward Betts)

So, think I’ve made my point in this painting. It’s the finished version of the one shown in the last post. Quietly pleased with it. Hope you like it too.