Bude Rocks Walls Beyond Close-up Photo

Beyond – Photo


Three In A Row


Bude cottages Pen and ink drawing

Three in a Row – Bude

Pen & Ink Drawing 23×18 cm (9×7″)

Here’s one of my favourite drawings of Bude, showing the lovely houses there. I love the little backstreets and steps and the character and variety in the  buildings. It makes it a very interesting place. The drawing was done in pen, with brush pens used for the colour. I’d like to try some with dip pen and ink next, and watercolour for the hits of colour.  I’ll be popping this one into my online gallery tomorrow. Take a look if you’re interested.

The drawing appeared in my recent exhibition at The Castle, Bude, and as part of that, I was interviewed about my art and inspiration by Carolyn Seager, who is the new Galleries and Events Co-ordinator there. I very much enjoyed talking with her, and the questions she asked prompted much thought.

You can read the interview at Q&A with Anita Langham

And my thanks to Carolyn.

Hope you’re having a very good weekend. It’s still autumn here – wonderful.

Bude Sea Pool to Lundy Painting

Bude Beach Seapool Lundy Island Painting

Bude Sea Pool to Lundy Painting

Mixed Media on Canvas

Here’s the latest painting finished this week – the wondrous view along the golden beach from Bude to Lundy Island. I love the sense of distance: it reminds me so much of standing on the cliffs on a lovely warm summer’s morning, and drawing the sea and the sand and the landscape.

Only FIVE  more days to go until I put up my Beautiful Bude exhibition. It’s busy, busy, busy here! Several drawings to do and one more painting to finish. Not to mention all the other prepping. The final countdown. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Drawing on the Bude Canal

Bude Canal drawing boat on waterBude Canal Boat and Workshops Drawing

Was in Bude the other day doing some sketching with my pens. Loved the image of the simple boat bobbing on the water against the backdrop of the craft workshops there. Wanted to give just a little hit of colour: the lime green tarpaulin provided that against the deep blue black shadows.

The sketch was done against the odds: I was sitting on a canalside bench, drawing away, purposely avoiding the busier side of the canal. And then along came two Council workmen in their van, stood behind me and muttered among themselves, and then proceeded to saw off the metal post right beside me … and then another the other side of me (no, I’m not joking: you couldn’t make it up). They did have the decency to look sheepish and vaguely apologise, but still….

Sketching in Bude

Bude green spring watercolour painting

Bude Sketch

Watercolour, 30 x 20 cm/11.5 x 8 ins

Bude was surprisingly green the other day. I drew this from the lovely Wroes coffee shop. My first time sketching in a café – only got a few strange looks! I had to wait until I got home to put the colour washes on – by the time I’d finished drawing, the view was obscured by rain. Bude’s still a great place to draw, though, even in the mizzle. You can see a couple of my other paintings of Bude  here and here . Both are still available on my website should you be interested.

Thanks for looking, and hope you’re having a good weekend.