Sketching at Lanterdan Quarry

Lanterdan Quarry Cornwall Coast Drawing

Sketching at Lanterdan Quarry near Trebarwith Strand

Was out here sketching a couple of days ago. I really love drawing the Cornwall rock formations, and this pillar is especially interesting because it’s been so hacked about – the angles are so irregular and very challenging to capture. This pillar is the reject stone, apparently – it wasn’t worth quarrying, so the men worked around it. What a stunning reject! Read more at Lanterdan Quarry

This is a preparatory drawing for the first painting in a new series. Been wanting to paint this little stretch of coast for a while – now is the time! Watch this space.

Old Post Office, Tintagel Drawing

Old Post Office Tintagel Pen & Ink Drawing

The Old Post Office, Tintagel (detail)
Pen & Ink Drawing 11×7.5ins / 28x19cm

Just started a series of drawings of The Old Post Office, Tintagel. Quaint old building with delightful nooks and crannies, and not a straight line to be seen. Hope I’ve captured some of that here. Lovely to be using pen and ink again – so long since I’ve done any drawing. I’m using a dip pen here. It gives a lovely characterful line, and is a link with the past – think Van Gogh used one.

Hope you’re having a great weekend, and thanks for visiting.

Medieval ManFish

Medieval Creature Man Fish Carving Drawing

Illustration of a Medieval Chest Carving

Yes, I bet that post title got your attention! Haven’t managed to do much painting this week, so I give you this little drawing of a detail from a medieval chest I once saw. The frieze on the chest was about four inches high (nine cm), but had the most remarkable detail. It  was in a stately home in the West Country, but I didn’t note down where, so alas, I’ve no idea where you’ll find it.

I love medieval carvings and art. If you like them too, there’s a very good book you may care to look at – The Medieval Menagerie by Janetta Rebold Benton – and you can also find some at Into the Hermitage from the hugely talented and amazing Rima Staines
And if anyone finds the name of this creature, which is surely not ‘ManFish’!, then I’d be pleased to know it.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Cornish Fuchsias drawing

Fuchsia drawing

Fuchsia Flowers Study

Pen & watercolour on paper

Just a little drawing study of the fuchsias that grow almost wild here in Cornwall. Less showy than their cultivated counterparts, but the bees love them. The leaves are small, and profuse, and the stems and foliage share some of the colour of the flowers. I love their dancing gaiety – such beautiful shapes and colours. Just heard on the radio about the demise of the sketchbook among artists – not so here. Trying to do a drawing every day – hope you like them 🙂

Daffodils Drawing



Pen & watercolour on Paper 17x17cm/7x7ins

Hi. Did I mention I love daffodils? I use the term in loose way, to denote any jonquil, narcissus or daffodil, any of those lovely yellow (or white or orange) spring flowers. It’s been such a long season for daffodils this year in the UK, because it was such a mild winter. The first ones were in bloom in December, and they’re still going. Lovely. Anyway, I did this drawing today, and wanted to make it a paler, more sensitive version this time (and thank you so much for the great feedback on the last daffodil painting – it has emboldened and enheartened me!). So it has some subtle watercolour washes over – and I think they bring out the lovely papery whiteness of the petals, and the gorgeous yolk-coloured centres. I think the flower might be some type of orchid narcissus – but as it was foraged from hereabouts (ahem!), I’m not quite sure.