Sketch of Boscastle in the Rain

Boscastle Cornish Coast Sketch

It looked pretty much like this today.  A little sketch showing the harbour mouth, with the fabulous slate rock. I love the colours when it rains – they have a depth and translucence to them. Hoping for some sunshine over the weekend, though.

Hope you have a good one.


Bude Sunset Painting

Bude Sunset

Bude Sunset

Acrylic & Mixed Media  100 x 30 cm

I posted the detail of this last week, and it’s finished! I’m very pleased with it, and think it’s one of my best so far. I love the sense of wide open space in Bude, and think this work captures that.

I made a decision recently to return to using collage and other media in my paintings, as it gives a very lively surface which I very much like and which seems to suit my subjects. I like leaving an element of the collage uncovered, too – it’s a reminder of the origins of the painting materials, and also, it occurred to me that it mirrors a little how the landscape is composed – of bits and pieces of different substances.  And that, when you look, often you think you see faces or writing or unexplained marks in natural forms.

I hope you like this, and Happy Weekend to you.

NB. Image size. In the light of warnings about unscrupulous people Out There who steal other people’s paintings, and pass them off as their own, I’ve made the decision to limit the image size. Apologies if this disappoints. If you’d like to see a particular picture in more detail, please get in touch, and I’ll see what can be arranged. Thanks.

First Light, Boscastle Painting

Sea Painting Boat Coast Landscape Cornwall Boscastle

Well, I know I promised animal pictures for this year, but I’m trying to get some work ready for submitting to a Group Exhibition, so I’ve been working on a seascape this week. This one is inspired by the very – very – rough seas we’ve had lately. It’s a re-working of an earlier painting – a work in progress and not quite finished, but it gives a sense of the thing.

 If you’re hoping to see some fluffy critters here, some very cute sheep have moved into a field near me, so a picture may be forthcoming next week. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this.