Halloween Harvest Painting



Acrylic  29 x 24 cm

A study in light and dark, and hard and soft edges. And the beautiful colours of autumn. I enjoyed painting this, and will enjoy eating the squash, now it’s done. Though the centre one begs to be drawn and painted again.

Happy  Samhain / Halloween (if that’s the right expression)

There’s a wonderfully informative post about it on Terri Windling’s blog


Autumn Leaves Drawing


Autumn Leaves

Study, Watercolour on Paper

This study was inspired by Jude Hill’s post here http://spiritcloth.typepad.com/spirit_cloth/2014/10/nine-leaves.html  I hadn’t quite realised how ephemeral the leaves are – already the day after I’d collected them, they’d changed shape, curled into themselves, the colours had faded. So it was good to do a painting, just to capture their beauty and freshly fallen glory. I don’t often use watercolour, except for quick colour studies outside, and it was interesting to use it for a more detailled study.