Trebarwith and Beyond Sketch

Trebarwith & Gull Rock sea sketch

Trebarwith and Beyond – Colour Sketch (11×8 ins/ 28×20 cm)

Sorry for the break – it’s been a time of sporadic posting lately. I’ve been doing some translating, which I love! I’ve translated a chapter of a new German book into English, no less! So the painting has taken a back seat. But I’m back now. I’m exhibiting in a group show with Art of Gwynngala in mid-April and hoping to have an Open Studio event in May, so will need to have some paintings ready for then.

I came across this sketch while doing some clutter clearing yesterday. It was done en plein aire, one summer’s day, from above Trebarwith beach in Cornwall.  I’ve come across some lovely little sketches in the archives. So I’ll post them here over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy them.

And belated happy Women’s Day for yesterday.

Open Studio – done!

Mine Entrance Trebarwith Strand rocks painting

Mine Entrance, Hole Beach

Mixed Media Painting

What a lovely weekend I had, doing my Open Studios event. There’s a lot of work involved, but the three things I love most about Open Studios are:

  1. Friends and acquaintances get to see what you do all year, and what you’re really about.
  2. You get to meet such an interesting range of people, and talk to them about your art.
  3. You hear such wonderful comments about your work (hopefully) that it warms you and bolsters you for your next efforts.

And you hopefully get to make a few sales and sit in a nice place planning your next paintings or just soaking up the sun.

Thank you to all out there who made the experience such a pleasure. I’m so pleased that you stopped by.

No rest for the wicked, though, as I now need to plan for my First Solo Exhibition (ta-da!) in July.

The painting above is one I managed to finish for the Open Studio. So pleased with it how it turned out. I wanted to capture the way the morning light catches the rock face, while the rest is in deep shadow. And the almost abstract shapes… here’s a close-up of the texture for you to enjoy:

Mine Entrance Hole Beach Painting Texture Detail